Eloquent Empire

So much CHAOS

Our adventurers were last exploring an ancient site for Empress Sargonia in Mount Rinuyu on Rinuyu Island. When they returned to the port city, they saw their old friends from Sruthani Academy, who had been on a different mission. They met up and talked for a while (after Fritz made sure no one could hear them), and filled each other in on what had happened. While neither parties trusted the other completely, they came to an agreement and decided to stick together while they remained in Ibito. Their friends wanted to make good on their promises to their employer and return to Agycur as soon as possible. As they walked through town, they saw a paper boy putting newspapers on a stand, and they picked on up. The headline read Traitor Duchess Executed.

After reading the article, they discussed the implications of what they learned, and all of a sudden, after being quiet in a corner for a few minutes, Fritz suddenly looked pale and faint. He was too weak to stand, so Santiago, the strong bear hybrid, carried him to a nearby abbey, where a monk examined him. The monk never really gave a direct answer, leading Fritz to the answer himself. Eventually, after there was nothing more to do for Fritz, the parties decided to head back to Agycur.

Everyone boarded the Tranquility and met the crew, Cari the mechanic, Captain Mitch, Tuck the Pilot, Shri the first mate, Maddy the … public relations, and Samuel the medic. Some of them explored the ship while others took a nap. A few hours later, when they were in the mess hall eating dinner, a few of them heard sounds up on the bridge. Mitch led a few of his crew and some of the party up to the deck, where several pirates had boarded the ship and another ship had latched on to Tranquility. After a long fight, and near death for some of the crew, Cari managed to sabotage the pirate’s engine, and Tuck unlatched the two ships. The pirates still on the other ship panicked and tried to save their ship, while most had fallen into the ocean below, and still more fell before the attacks of the party and crew.

Another uneventful day passed, and the party arrived in Thorid, Agycur, where they split back up and went their separate ways.

An Influx of Ibito
The World Fair and an ancient enemy

The party finished up their conversation with Suto-san and decided to continue their research of the origin of psychic powers. They traveled to Illias, Gallision, for the first World Fair, which was divided into four sections, by continent, which included a section for the island nation of Ibito. There, Fritz and Albert looked into new types of sedatives, and they all looked at new types of cogs, matenro (skyscrapers), flats (airplanes), and a cruise liner. Once they left the World Fair, Ammur Posicur, who worked for Sargonia as their middle man, approached them with a message from the Empress. She wanted them to travel to Mount Shinpi-Teki on Rinuyu Island in Ibito.

The group traveled there by means of the airship Tranquility, captained by Mitchell Harding and piloted by Gavin “Tuck” Tucker. They got to know the crew over the course of the journey, and arrived in the port city of Rinuyu two days after their departure. They trekked out to Mount Shinpi-Teki with very few mishaps, although they did occasionally stumble over the undergrowth.

They entered a cave in the side of the mountain and passed a few sulfuric hot springs and mud pools on their way into the center of the mountain, which they learned was a dormant volcano. After walking for twenty-five minutes, they reached a large cavern illuminated by a glowing pool of water. A short distance from the pool stood a circle of large stones, some of which appeared to have fallen over. After exploring the pool (and nearly drowning, in Ironsides case), they approached the stones, only to be met by several fire and stone elementals. After an intense battle, mostly centered on Santiago, the elementals were defeated, and the party was able to conduct research of the site. They found ancient writing all over the stones, which were not natural for the area, and were able to transcribe everything onto some paper, but were not able to comprehend any of it.

Tale of Two Cities
in which the party unwittingly follows the plot

Rolling somewhat retroactively, some of the party members remembered a story they had heard in their childhood (or from students at the Academy). A long time ago, Ancients believed themselves to be equals of the gods, and tried to reach them. Before the gods could react, they managed to steal the innate mental powers from them. But the gods were angry. They crushed the Ancients and turned their backs on Calleria.

The party woke up in the Green Thumb in Farrain, Agycur, and decided to do a bit more exploring before their meeting with Empress Sargonia. Fritz and Albert tried the morgue again, and this time every doctor they tried to talk to told them the same thing: the morgue was too “busy”. Then, everyone decided to go ask about the Minister of Public Health, Alfred Hugo, whose family was in mourning. When they arrived, they learned that Minister Hugo was killed by thieves in an alley on his way home from work. They talked to the widow, and promised to help the investigation, which was odd, since it should have taken place much sooner.

They arrived at the scene, and Ironsides’ investigating revealed that nothing was taken from his body, and that whoever killed him knew what they were doing. Many of the party members muttered something about an assassination.

They then headed off to their meeting with Empress Sargonia. As they entered her Reception Hall, they walked in on her … “conversation” with a young noblewoman, and heard her say “I can make your life a living hell.” As soon as she saw the party, however, her demeanor changed, and she welcomed them in. They gave her the research, and she asked them to continue their research, and she would be making requests of them, which would involve some travelling. She gave them an aid for the city of Farrain, who would be the go-between for any communications from or to her.

After leaving the meeting, they met Ammur Posicur, an Utian-looking man, who led them to lodgings provided by the Empress, and told them of a history museum nearby. They visited the museum and a shop for construct equipment, and found a mummy in an exhibit about the history of Utia. Unfortunately, Albert and Fritz could not disect the mummy, since it was on display, and on loan from the National Institute of History in Utia. After that, they retired to their lodgings.

In the morning, after picking up some supplies, they travelled to Tulduroc, in search of the scholar they had heard about in Orham. When they arrived, they found constables arresting them, and exercising a little police brutality. They saw an 2 Ibitonese men, one rather … flamboyantly dressed, an Ibitonese woman, and an Agycurian woman. One constable was assaulting the Ibitonese woman, while the one in charge was smirking, leaning against a wall. Fritz took it upon himself to attack the constable assaulting the woman, and so battle commenced. The party found the constables very hardy and difficult to take care of. In the end, the Agycurian woman took out the last one with a wrench to the head.

After things settled, Noritaka Suto introduced himself and the others: Ikuya Minamoto, Kohoko Takaoji, and Marianna Blasek. To make a long story short, in Suto-san’s words, “Empress Sargonia wants my research, and she’s tried to kill me twice for it. She even took over Ibito to get my research, and chose the ruling family of Agycur to get my research.” When asked about the ruling family of Agycur, he explained that Duchess Alisia Innes was the one that helped them settle in Tulduroc. He seemed angry at himself and there was something else in his eyes when he said it.

He found out that the information he would give to the party would get back to Sargonia, and was reluctant to give them his research. He did tell them a few things, which he knew Sargonia was already aware of. He told them that about 600 years ago, a group of people performed some sort of ritual that resulted in widespread psychic powers. This ritual took place in several sites around the world, and three of them are in Ibito. He explained that the only reason Sargonia was taking over countries was to gain access to these sites. She only cared about this project, and all the others were a facade. They asked if there was a site in Agycur, and Suto-san told them he wasn’t sure, but he had detected some sort of psychic energy as he continued his research. Ironsides asked about psychic experiments on cogs, but Suto-san couldn’t give an answer. Suto-san revealed that Empress Sargonia had a psychic power known as mesmerism, which shocked the party. He checked them to see if she had tried to mesmerize them, but that test came up negative. He did learn, however, that their minds had been read. In the last few minutes of the session, he told them that Sargonia would do anything to learn about the ritual and find the sites, and that he thinks she plans on trying the ritual again.

Some fun info about what was going on during the conversation: Ikuya kept making side comments that sounded … interesting, and a silent exchange may or may not have happened between him and Content Not Found: rork-thundershield.

Next time, the party plans to finish their visit with Suto-san, Ikuya, Kohoko, and Marianna, visit the World Fair, and who knows what else will happen.

DM Question: did you guys suspect this?

A Quest Ordained
Not as action-y as it sounds

Albert von-Heinrich Keitel, Ardo, Countess Eadoin Rhoswen Edalane , Fritz, Ironsides, Rork Thunderholm, Santiago, and Victoria Hunch gathered in Principal Ioseph Arkady‘s office in Sruthani Academy in Orham, Agycur, on March 10th, 638 A.G.C. There, Principal Arkady told them of the Academy’s involvement in the fulfillment of Empress Sargonia’s goal of international cooperation and progress. He asked them to deliver some research the Academy had done to Empress Sargonia in Farrain, and to do some field research when they had finished this task. They all graciously agreed.

Principal Arkady asked to speak to Countess Eadoin, Ardo, and Victoria in private, and relayed to them some concerns about the political situation in Agycur’s capitol, Farrain. He asked them to focus on finding out what’s happening with the government rather than working on the field research, and they agreed. Eadoin’s family left a message with Principal Arkady that she was invited to the coming-of-age ball for her cousin, Tiabherna Cyna Edalane, on March 12th, in the Grand Lodge in Farrain.

When everyone left the school (after some dallying), they went to the only bar in town. Ironsides had to wait outside, since “clogs” weren’t allowed inside. When the party had gotten settled, the daily newspaper was delivered, with some interesting news. The headline read: Agycur Annexed by Gallision. The full article is available here.

At the bar, the party learned that a foreigner who lives in Tulduroc is a scholar studying the psychic powers, the bartender’s son had the flu last week, the newly-crowned Innes family had been missing from their home in Tulduroc for about a week, and that the family of the Minister of Public Health, who was a native of Orham, was in mourning in Farrain. Ironsides learned from the other C.O.G.s (to be called cogs, for convenience) about a exclusive club for cogs in Farrain, and that he could learn useful information from the head cog, Steelhorn.

The next morning, the party took Principal Arkady up on his offer of free transportation to Farrain, and off they went. They arrived in the city in the middle of the afternoon, and set up an appointment with Empress Sargonia, through her rather snotty secretary, for March 12, at 3:00 p.m. As this conflicts with Eadoin’s cousin’s ball, neither Eadoin, Victoria, nor Ardo will be able to attend the meeting.

Upon leaving, the party explored the city for a bit. Ironsides and Santiago went to the cog club, and spoke to Steelhorn, who told them about two cog clans, Cognomen and Cognition. He also said that Empress Sargonia was somehow connected to Cognomen. Fritz went to the morgue with Albert, in an attempt to find cadavers to dissect, but was turned away because they were too “busy”. Rork went to a park and began to set up camp, since he prefers sleeping out of doors, but one of the city law enforcers informed him he could not camp on public property without the proper permit. Rork decided he’d go to the outskirts of the city, instead. Victoria, Eadoin, and Ardo went to find Eadoin’s family, and spent the night in their home. Eventually, Ironsides, Santiago, Fritz, and Albert either joined Rork or went to a nearby affordable lodge, the Green Thumb, for the night.

From here on out, the party has been split.

Field Researchers (for lack of a better name): Albert von-Heinrich Keitel, Franz Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph II (Fritz), Ironsides, Rork Thunderholm, and Santiago

Investigators (for lack of a better name): Ardo, Eadoin Rhoswen Edalane, and Victoria Hunch

To Whom It May Concern
An Invitation to Sruthani Academy


I hope this letter finds you well. Sruthani Academy, myself included, is very proud of your accomplishments since your graduation, and we hope you look back on your time here fondly. Recently, an allied nation has instigated a world-wide intellectual revolution, which the Academy intends to be involved in. We ask that you, one of the most talented of our alumni, return to the Academy to help us make our institution one of the leading institutions for progress in the world. If you are interested, please come to my office on March 10th, 638 A.G.C.

Best wishes,
Ioseph Arkady
Principal of Sruthani Academy


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