Eloquent Empire

An Influx of Ibito

The World Fair and an ancient enemy

The party finished up their conversation with Suto-san and decided to continue their research of the origin of psychic powers. They traveled to Illias, Gallision, for the first World Fair, which was divided into four sections, by continent, which included a section for the island nation of Ibito. There, Fritz and Albert looked into new types of sedatives, and they all looked at new types of cogs, matenro (skyscrapers), flats (airplanes), and a cruise liner. Once they left the World Fair, Ammur Posicur, who worked for Sargonia as their middle man, approached them with a message from the Empress. She wanted them to travel to Mount Shinpi-Teki on Rinuyu Island in Ibito.

The group traveled there by means of the airship Tranquility, captained by Mitchell Harding and piloted by Gavin “Tuck” Tucker. They got to know the crew over the course of the journey, and arrived in the port city of Rinuyu two days after their departure. They trekked out to Mount Shinpi-Teki with very few mishaps, although they did occasionally stumble over the undergrowth.

They entered a cave in the side of the mountain and passed a few sulfuric hot springs and mud pools on their way into the center of the mountain, which they learned was a dormant volcano. After walking for twenty-five minutes, they reached a large cavern illuminated by a glowing pool of water. A short distance from the pool stood a circle of large stones, some of which appeared to have fallen over. After exploring the pool (and nearly drowning, in Ironsides case), they approached the stones, only to be met by several fire and stone elementals. After an intense battle, mostly centered on Santiago, the elementals were defeated, and the party was able to conduct research of the site. They found ancient writing all over the stones, which were not natural for the area, and were able to transcribe everything onto some paper, but were not able to comprehend any of it.


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